Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week of Love.....

We won't bore you with the list of who we love, but at Sister Missionary Mall there is lots inside to love!  We think that we have some pretty great products and each week we feature a few that we love most.  This week we will start with one of our favorite LDS designers: WILLIAM RIERA!  He designs and manufactures a really amazing product.  So here are the top reasons that we LoVe William Reirra:

<3 Great design!  I didn't think that I would love the way that this dress fit but it actually has really great structure which means that the ruffles hide more than they accentuate!  And what's not to love about THAT?!
<3 All of Williams dresses come to at least below the knee.  All cover modestly, and most of them can be warn without a camisole. 

 <3 Beautiful use of color.  All of his dresses are made of rich interesting colors.
<3 This dress in particular has some of his really great design features at work.  This dress gives a really beautiful siloette to those lucky enough to have that amazing hour glass figure.
 <3 All of the dresses have great detail.  From buttons, to ruffles, to defined flattering waistlines you'll love everything about a William Riera Dress!
<3 Plenty of fabric gathers and pleats allow for extra coverage and modesty.  Something any girl can appreciate!
<3 This is one of my personal favorites because it looks so great on almost everyone.  Something that's hard to see from the pictures is that all of these dresses are made of really high quality fabric which will hold it's shape, and looking great for many washes.

Come check out our great selection of William Reira dresses at Sister Missionary Mall located at 210 East University Parkway in Orem.  We know you'll find something you LoVe too!

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