Monday, February 28, 2011

Nylons are out, but should they be?

When the new Missionary Guidelines came out a few months ago, one of the most significant changes was that Sisters serving full time were no longer required to wear nylons.  And I'll admit that as a sister that served a few years back I was a bit jealous.  However at Sister Missionary Mall we have always been big fans of hosiery for a few reasons.  One is that we carry some of the best hosiery around.  We love a brand called Solidea and have a huge selection of this great hosiery in our store.  Solidea is a line of compression nylon, which is more durable than regular nylon and therefore doesn't run as easily.  Solidea also has great support up top, has a re-enforced food bed (which also prevents snags and runs), and the compression in Solidea hosiery will help keep blood circulating in your legs and feet for those standing or walking for long periods of time.  The really are the best, I've had some of mine for years and years without a problem.  Come check out this great product only at Sister Missionary Mall, located at 210 East University Parkway in Orem.

*Mention that you follow us on our blog and receive 20% off a pair of Solidea hosiery until March 2, 2011!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Are We Friends?

Starting Monday our Facebook and blogger followers are going to be the first to know about our daily online specials.  Each day we will post a new discounted item on our Facebook fan page (some will be featured on our blog) and those that like us will be the first to hear about our daily deals and take advantage these special in store only offers.  So make sure to "Like" us on Facebook and tell your friends to do the same!

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Jody

Meet Cass.  She is one of my good friends.  Cass is cute, and stylist and fun, and I continually look to her as an example in life and fashion.  Cass and I met shortly after she got off her mission.  Soon after we had our first of many conversations about "The Jody" and we both agreed that it is an essential part of a mission wardrobe but may not be something a girl would choose to wear regularly.  Cass says in her mission in Brazil "The Jody" was a prized possession, and that in the end she had managed to collect seven Jody' (one for each day of the week!).  She is also the reason that if you come into our store and mention that you are going on a mission similar to Cass's I as a sales person INSIST that you take at least one Jody.  The truth of the matter is that this dress is super versatile.  It washes up nice, even if you are had washing. It's cool in hot humid conditions.  It folds up small, is wrinkle resistant, it can be dressed up or down, can be worn with a cardigan, necklace, blazer, or if you have to tract on a hot day you can throw it on without a camisole.  What could be better right?  Honestly for a missionary there is not a more durable, versatile, dress.  And at Sister Missionary Mall we are doing what we can to jazz up the Jody from shortening the length to adding ruffles, we've taken a mission essential and made it fashion forward, whether you are serving in Taiwan or primary!  For the largest selection of "The Jody" (including our special make solid colored dresses in lovely jewel tones and classic black) come see us at Sister Missionary Mall located at 210 East University Parkway!

Mention our blog and receive 20% off your own Jody! (Available only for in store sales, offer expires 3/4/11)

Here are a few more pictures of Cass, in Brazil this time!

We aren't lying when we say ALL of the sisters wear them!  

A special thanks to Cass for letting us use her cute face for our blog.  Love you girl!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Employees we Love.....

Behind every great operation are the great people who run it.  Over the next little while we will be featuring our employees, in our great products to show the utility of them.  Enjoy!  Up first is Kristalyn!  

Mission: Puerto Rico San Juan West
Major in School: Depends on the moment right now it's education.
Length of Service at SMM: 4 Months
Time home from the mission: 18 months
Favorite Mission Accessory: Lumbar Pack, because it's AMAZING.  It was great for my back because I broke it when I was younger.
Favorite Fashion Accessory: I LOVE skirts.  I have enough skirts at home that I could wear a different one for a month and still not repeat any of them, which is one of the reasons I love working at Sister Missionary Mall!
What she is wearing: Van Huesen Wrinkle Free Blouse ($30) Wall Street A-Line Skirt ($27), Dansko Marcelle Clog ($115), William Reira Pearls, and our Lumbar Pack.
Why She Chose This Outfit: "This outfit really communicates the importance of our message as missionaries, and also has a really professional feel to it.  It's completely comfortable and I really LOVE the skirt!"  The pearls give this look the perfect touch of class.  Amazing what a string of pearls can do!
Why  We LoVe Kristalyn: She is really patient with customers and has a passion for working with missionaries and any women looking for modest clothes.  Kristalyn has an infectious smile and anyone around her can feel her love for them.  Come get outfitted by her weeknights and Saturdays only at Sister Missionary Mall!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week of Love.....

We won't bore you with the list of who we love, but at Sister Missionary Mall there is lots inside to love!  We think that we have some pretty great products and each week we feature a few that we love most.  This week we will start with one of our favorite LDS designers: WILLIAM RIERA!  He designs and manufactures a really amazing product.  So here are the top reasons that we LoVe William Reirra:

<3 Great design!  I didn't think that I would love the way that this dress fit but it actually has really great structure which means that the ruffles hide more than they accentuate!  And what's not to love about THAT?!
<3 All of Williams dresses come to at least below the knee.  All cover modestly, and most of them can be warn without a camisole. 

 <3 Beautiful use of color.  All of his dresses are made of rich interesting colors.
<3 This dress in particular has some of his really great design features at work.  This dress gives a really beautiful siloette to those lucky enough to have that amazing hour glass figure.
 <3 All of the dresses have great detail.  From buttons, to ruffles, to defined flattering waistlines you'll love everything about a William Riera Dress!
<3 Plenty of fabric gathers and pleats allow for extra coverage and modesty.  Something any girl can appreciate!
<3 This is one of my personal favorites because it looks so great on almost everyone.  Something that's hard to see from the pictures is that all of these dresses are made of really high quality fabric which will hold it's shape, and looking great for many washes.

Come check out our great selection of William Reira dresses at Sister Missionary Mall located at 210 East University Parkway in Orem.  We know you'll find something you LoVe too!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dansko Sale!

Dansko is very particular about the sale of their shoes.  As a Dansko retailer we have agreed only sell the shoes for what they have them listed as.  The ONLY exception to the sale rule is on styles that are being discontinued.  Several of our best sellers have recently been discontinued and we are excited to clear them out at a great price! Sale includes the following styles:
The Pam.  A supportive alternative to the ever popular ballet flat.  Sizes are limited but this shoe comes in the featured chocolate brown, pomegranate, and black.  Was $140 Now $112 
The Portia.  Same support as the Pam but with these darling straps.  Colors include black, chocolate, and our featured pomegranate.  Was $140 Now $112 
This is one of my personal favorites, the support is awesome and I love the soft moveable straps that give this shoe the look of a Mary Jane and the convenience of a slip on!  Available in black only.  Was $140 Now $112 

Hurry into Sister Missionary Mall, these shoes won't last long.  We are located at 210 East University Parkway in Orem and our store hours are Mondays 10 a.m - 7 p.m and Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. -9 p.m.  See you soon!
*Limited to stock on hand!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Half Tees

Have you ever needed a little bit extra coverage "up top" but didn't want the bulk of a full undershirt?  A few years ago modest girls where having a hard time making the top of our pants and the bottom of our shirts meet up, which is why full undershirts from Shade and ModBod were so great!  Perfect for a little extra coverage where we needed it most.  However, not all blouse styles need extra coverage at the bottom––and everyone hates that awkward t-shirt line under a dress––which is why we love Half Tees!  This product is well-made, has a great finished edge and takes the bulk out of wearing layers.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Looking to Save on Mission Expenses?

Did you know that the average sister spends AT LEAST $1000 getting outfitted for a mission?  Between sturdy shoes, luggage, durable skirts, blouses, dresses and tops it can all add up.  At Sister Missionary Mall we are constantly working to make sure that sisters have everything that they need at an affordable price which is why we are proud to offer each sister (and anyone looking for a new wardrobe, the package isn't just for missionaries) our 
2-4-6-8 Deal!
Here's what you'll get:
2- Dresses
4- Shoes
 (2 pair total, which will include Dansko's)
6- Skirts
8- Tops

All for only $588!

The guidelines for sisters may have changed a bit but a few things still haven't changed.  Sisters still need good shoes.  Sisters still need longer skirts.  And sisters still want to look great, which is why Sister Missionary Mall is the perfect place to outfit any missionary!  Come see out great selection of everything for your favorite sister at Sister Missionary Mall located at 210 East University Parkway in Orem.