Monday, February 7, 2011


Looking to Save on Mission Expenses?

Did you know that the average sister spends AT LEAST $1000 getting outfitted for a mission?  Between sturdy shoes, luggage, durable skirts, blouses, dresses and tops it can all add up.  At Sister Missionary Mall we are constantly working to make sure that sisters have everything that they need at an affordable price which is why we are proud to offer each sister (and anyone looking for a new wardrobe, the package isn't just for missionaries) our 
2-4-6-8 Deal!
Here's what you'll get:
2- Dresses
4- Shoes
 (2 pair total, which will include Dansko's)
6- Skirts
8- Tops

All for only $588!

The guidelines for sisters may have changed a bit but a few things still haven't changed.  Sisters still need good shoes.  Sisters still need longer skirts.  And sisters still want to look great, which is why Sister Missionary Mall is the perfect place to outfit any missionary!  Come see out great selection of everything for your favorite sister at Sister Missionary Mall located at 210 East University Parkway in Orem.  

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