Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just In.....

Adorable dresses, skirts, shirts, HalfTee's, and even a ruffled pea coat for little girls!  Come check out our great selection and prices on Sunday Best attire for the "little" sisters!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Van Heusen Challenge: Day 5 and 6

Here is our Van Heusen Challenge wrap up!  Someone (possibly me) may have gotten a bit crazy with Picasa photo editing.  So fun right?!  Enjoy and remember to vote one last time:
Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day?  Hannah's blouse really pop's with this white on white combo!
Kira's beautiful scarf stands out bright and beautiful against our classic Tuxedo blouse.  This combo is perfects with denim or try it with one of our many amazing skirts.

Lizzie shortened the sleeves on this blouse and made some adorable button cover earrings with the scraps.  So cute and so creative!
Kirstin looks like she is ready for a night out with her fashion forward belt and scarf!  And her Dansko heels add the PERFECT touch to this classic outfit.

Christin went for lots of layers with this look!  Her blouse almost looks like part of the cardigan, a floral blouse and skinny belt keep her waist from disappearing and our Baby O embroidered skirt has never been more perfectly paired.

Who's look did you like best:  Hannah, Kira, Lizzie, Kirstin or Christin?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Van Heusen Challenge: Day 4

Today we have Lizzie, Ashley, Amanda and Kirstin.  We'll start with Lizzie's introduction and go from there!

Lizzie served in the London South Mission and has been home since Christmas of last year.  She's been working for us since the spring and recently she married one of our employee's from the Men's store (we love when our employee's marry!), which is why she has been a bit MIA in the Van Heusen Challenge post.  We love Lizzie's bright shining smile, eyes, and personality.  Lizzie loves bright beautiful colors and funky patterns and loves helping women look beautiful in modest clothing.
For this look Lizzie simply used purple BOWS!  She took a lovely purple ribbon, tied it around her neck.  She also replaced the laces in her Dansko's with the purple ribbon for a dramatic look (not quite captured here).
Doesn't Ashley look smart?!  This look is perfect for the college girl on the go!  The August Silk vest adds a touch of class, the skinny belt accentuates Ashley's skinny waist, and the beaded necklace adds another dimension of color!  Love it!
Amanda added her signature layers to make this look a hit! 
Kirstin went for layers with this look as well!  And what we love most is that EVERYTHING she is wearing comes from Sister Missionary Mall right down to the belt!

So who wore it best?  Lizzie, Ashley, Amanda or Kirstin?  Vote to win!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Van Heusen Challenge: Day 3

Today we have Amanda, Christin, Kirstin and McKenna rockin' our awesome Van Heusen blouse!  Remember to vote for your favorite look below!
Amanda kept her blouse unbuttoned to show off her adorable polka dot blouse underneath (we love polka dots) and pulled it all together with a darling belt.  Doesn't she look hip?
Christin added her own personal touches to this classic blouse and vest combo by adding a pearl necklace and red belt! 
Kirstin added a bold belt on her hip and a swing cardigan to give this classic blouse an updated look.
McKenna took two basic's and made them classic.  Combining a blazer to her Van Heusen blouse.

We know it's rough (because our sales staff is so creative and fashionable) but vote for your favorite look by commenting below!  Who wore it best, Amanda, Christin, Kirstin or McKenna?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Van Heusen Challenge: Day 2

Today we have three outfits to choose from.  Let's start with Ashley, one of our newer employee's.  Ashley is from Arizona, studying to be a teacher at BYU, and served a full-time mission in the Philippians (she returned in March of this year)!  She makes her own adorable jewelry, has a contagious laugh, and is fun to be around in a variety of settings (including work).  We love her and our customers ask for her by name.
Ashley used this beautiful coral cardigan over her blouse to add a huge pop to this basic outfit.  To accentuate her tiny waist she used a red skinny belt (available at Sister Missionary Mall) to make this outfit very figure flattering.
Kirstin used a lace tank to layer over her blouse to add color and feminine style to this basic blouse.  She used a thick leather belt to show off her waist and tie the look together.
Think that button up blouses are only for formal wear?  Guess again!  Christin wore her french blue blouse with a pair of skinny jeans to add extra class to this normally casual look.  Everything she is wearing comes from Sister Missionary Mall including the cream swing swearer, brown pumps (Dansko's of course), pink skinny belt and floral scarf!

So who wore it best?  Ashley, Kirstin, or Christin.  Vote in the comment section to win big next week! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Van Heusen Challenge: Day 1

McKenna and Christin wore the same blouse in two completely different ways.  Help us decide who wore it best by commenting below!
This is our Tuxedo blouse.  It has been extremely popular with our staff and customers.  It is the ultimate white blouse to have in any wardrobe!  Both Christin and McKenna had this blouse altered by our awesome seamstress.  McKenna had the sleeves shortened, and both girls had the blouse taken in on the sides.

Meet McKenna!  McKenna is from Utah County and went to Germany for a nanny job after high school.  For the next few years she took several other jobs and loved living in Europe.  She hasn't served a full time mission however she does a great job helping sisters serving all of the world.  We love the way McKenna pulls off scarves and bright bold lipstick!  She has a great fashion sense and most customers assume she's served a full time mission because of her extensive knowledge about shopping for missionary clothing.  McKenna used one of our great scarves, and the shell from our August silk twin set to make this blouse look colorful, modern and unique!  We also just received a shipment of the skirt she is wearing which in the past has been a best seller, come get yours before they are gone!

Christin is our only full time employee so you'll be seeing a lot of her this week!  She used accessories like a beaded necklace and belt to add color and style to her Van Heusen blouse.  Love her shoes?  The are part of Dansko's new line and are AmAzInG!  Not only are these shoe beautiful they also offer Dansko's great support in a rocker bottom HEEL!  A favorite among all of our employees.

So who wore it best, McKenna or Christin?

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Van Heusen Challenge

At Sister Missionary Mall we have a staff of amazing sales associates.  Our girls are beautiful, kind, compassionate, spunky, savvy, passionate woman who are not only great to work with but are also very fashion forward! These women are the leading experts in making modesty look amazing.   One of our favorite blouses at Sister Missionary Mall is our Van Heusen wrinkle free blouse!  This basic blouse should be a staple in any woman's wardrobe. Not only is it beautifully tailored and sold in a variety of colors it is also extremely easy to own!  It requires little to no ironing and is very durable.  Unlike other wrinkle free button up blouses that you may find in local department stores ours is reasonably priced at $29.99 and we do FREE alterations!  Over the next week and a half we will be show casing all of the creative ways that our employee's have found to wear this great basic.  Here are our first few photo's and examples to get us started, as well as brief introductions to our fabulous staff!

Meet Kirstin and Amanda!  Kirstin served her mission in Tacoma Washington and has been home for about 6 months.  We love her smile and how sweet she is.  Our employee's love working with Kirstin because she is so kind and nice!  Our customers say the same and we are constantly hearing great things about Kirstin from anyone she comes in contact with. Most of our mannequins in the store are dressed by Kirstin because we love her sense of color and style. To the right we have Amanda served in London England.  Amanda is new to our team and we love her creative take on layering, willingness to help customers look for the perfect item, and the way she pulls off hats!  Amanda is also engaged to be married next month and is pretty excited about her upcoming wedding.   Both are as nice as they are beautiful.  They always make our clothing look great!
Next we have Christin our store manager.  She served her mission in Nauvoo and has been home for almost 5 years (eek!).  She loves cardigans, and skirts and started working for us the first time six weeks after returning from her mission.  In fact she says of her first day with us "I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I got to work the first day and got to put a mission skirt back on and talk about my mission all day long!"   Christin used the basic white blouse as a layering piece to add a little extra polish to her jumper and cardigan combo.

Kirstin added fun accessories like a bold red belt and colorful scarf to dress up her blouse.  This outfit is a great example of how dressing up the basic's can be easy and fashion forward way!
Amanda added layers to her blouse to give it a unique chic look.  She started with the tuxedo blouse, added a ruffle tank, a belt, and her own necklace to give the blouse a modern funky look. 

The Van Heusen challenge officially starts with our employee's next Monday.  We will be posting pictures of our employee's creative style and want you to vote on who's look you like best by commenting on our blog and Facebook post.  Everyone who comments will be put into a drawing for a $100 gift certificate at the end of the challenge.   Those who mentions that they read about the Van Heusen challenge on our blog or Facebook page will receive 25% off a Van Heusen blouse until the 24th of September.  Spread the word and come visit us for all of the fashion and fun at Sister Missionary Mall located at 210 E. University Parkway in Orem!

So who wore it best?  Kirstin, Christin or Amanda?  Vote by commenting!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hooray! New Guideline Details!

So, for a long time we have been encouraging sisters to be attractive, and fashionable--but still keep in mind the sacred and serious nature of their calling as a missionary. We have put prospective sisters in color, and encouraged them to be attractive, fun, and comfortable. We are thrilled that the Church has embraced this idea in their new sister guidelines for dress and grooming. Check out this link:


These guidelines suggest a wardrobe that is colorful, attractive, and beautiful. Sisters should make every effort to reflect the joyful nature of what they are doing as they serve--but it doesn't end there! These styles are for all believing women! We can be pretty, comfortable, and still represent our values!

At SisterMissionaryMall our mantra has always been:

"While the clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence, which we believe does make the woman..." (we borrowed that from Mary Kay Ashe--founder of Mary Kay cosmetics.)

We believe that your clothing says a lot about who you are and what you believe. So, in essence your clothing is "talking behind your back." What does it say about you, what you value, and how you live your life?

We hope that you, our loyal fans and customers will continue to seek us out when you are looking for that perfect piece or outfit to fill your wardrobe. We know you, and we know your values--and as always we are anxious to meet your clothing needs.

If you know any sisters going out soon, or even someone who needs a "Sunday" makeover, send them our way!

We are waiting to serve you!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Special: Blue

Today, everything blue is 25% off!

Did you buy something red on Monday and something white on Wednesday?  Come buy something blue today to complete your outfit and receive a coupon for 30% off one item!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Special: White

Did you come in for Monday's special on red items?  Today, anything white is 25% off!

Monday, July 4, 2011

We are closing at 3 PM today so our employees can spend the holiday with their families.  Enjoy the day!

Monday Special: Happy Independence Day!

To celebrate the holiday, everything red is 25% off!  Come in today, Wednesday, and Friday and put together a cute, classily patriotic outfit like this one for less.

Here are some of the red items we have right now:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Special: Half Tees

We posted about Half Tees a while back:
Have you ever needed a little bit extra coverage "up top" but didn't want the bulk of a full undershirt?  A few years ago modest girls where having a hard time making the top of our pants and the bottom of our shirts meet up, which is why full undershirts from Shade and ModBod were so great!  Perfect for a little extra coverage where we needed it most.  However, not all blouse styles need extra coverage at the bottom––and everyone hates that awkward t-shirt line under a dress––which is why we love Half Tees!  This product is well-made, has a great finished edge and takes the bulk out of wearing layers.
Half Tees work beautifully under Monday's blouse.  We carry several styles and colors of Half Tees, and today they are 25% off!

If you bought the Vivace blouse on Monday and a skirt on Wednesday, complete your outfit with a Half Tee today and receive a 30% off coupon!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Special: Skirts

If you're going to come in for any featured item, come in today, because we are offering any regularly priced skirt in the store for 25% off!

Like these skirts?  They're just a sample of the fabulous skirts we have right now.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday's Featured Item: Vivace blouse

There isn't a specific Outfit of the Week this week—you get to put together your own from the specials on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!  The offer for a 30% off one item coupon when you buy each featured item on its day still applies.

This week if you purchase all of the featured items, you should be able to put together an outfit that looks something like this:

Today, we are offering the Vivace blouse for 30% off.  These blouses come in polka dot and floral patterns.

These blouses are very lightweight (perfect for summer!) and flatter your figure with feminine details.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Special: Edyn Pom Pom Belt

Last featured item this week!  It's the Edyn pom pom belt.  It comes in cream (pictured), black, and coral, and today it is 25% off!  

As you can see, these items aren't just for sister missionaries!  They also look great with jeans for everyday wear.

Did you come in for the featured items on Monday and Wednesday?  Come complete your outfit today and receive a 30% off coupon, valid for any single item in the store!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Special: Sylc Camisa Swing Cardigan

Today, we're featuring the Sylc Camisa swing cardigan for $10 off!  It is available in gray (pictured) and black.

Did you buy the featured item on Monday?  Complete the outfit today and Friday for your 30% off coupon!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Outfit of the Week

Every week, we feature one complete outfit. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we will post a discount on one of the pieces in the outfit. That day only, any customer who mentions the ad on Facebook or the blog will receive the discount.

Also, if you buy the featured items on their days that week, on Friday you will receive a coupon for 30% off any item in the store.

Check out this week's featured outfit!

Today (Monday), we are featuring the Chris and Carol top for 25% off!  It is available in pink (pictured) and cream.

Come in and try one on––and if you like the whole outfit, remember that if you buy all the featured items on their days, on Friday you'll get a coupon for 30% off any item!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Special: The Jody Dress

We love the Jody dress so much! That's why it is today's featured item in the Outfit of the Week.

Solid dresses are available in royal blue, purple, raspberry, and black.  Floral patterns are available in eggplant, white and blue, turquoise and blue, and peachy pink.

Today if you mention this ad, Jody dresses are 25% off––or we will add ruffles to your Jody dress (just like the ones on the bottom of this dress) for free (a $15 value).

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Outfit of the Week

Sister Missionary Mall is pleased to introduce the very first outfit of the week!

Every week, we will feature one complete outfit. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we will post a discount on one of the pieces in the outfit. That day only, any customer who mentions the ad on Facebook or the blog will receive the discount.

Also, if you buy the featured items on their days that week, on Friday you will receive a coupon for 30% off any item in the store.

This week's outfit:

We've jazzed up this eggplant floral print Jody dress with a soft, creamy cardigan from Sweet Girl and an skinny pink Edyn belt.

Today we are featuring two of the items from this outfit!

The Sweet Girl cardigan is available in pale blue, black, orange, pink, and cream.  Skinny Edyn belts are available in pink, red, blue, orange, yellow, black, brown, and white.

The cardigan, the belt, or both in any color are 15% off today if you mention the Facebook or blog ad.