Thursday, February 17, 2011

Employees we Love.....

Behind every great operation are the great people who run it.  Over the next little while we will be featuring our employees, in our great products to show the utility of them.  Enjoy!  Up first is Kristalyn!  

Mission: Puerto Rico San Juan West
Major in School: Depends on the moment right now it's education.
Length of Service at SMM: 4 Months
Time home from the mission: 18 months
Favorite Mission Accessory: Lumbar Pack, because it's AMAZING.  It was great for my back because I broke it when I was younger.
Favorite Fashion Accessory: I LOVE skirts.  I have enough skirts at home that I could wear a different one for a month and still not repeat any of them, which is one of the reasons I love working at Sister Missionary Mall!
What she is wearing: Van Huesen Wrinkle Free Blouse ($30) Wall Street A-Line Skirt ($27), Dansko Marcelle Clog ($115), William Reira Pearls, and our Lumbar Pack.
Why She Chose This Outfit: "This outfit really communicates the importance of our message as missionaries, and also has a really professional feel to it.  It's completely comfortable and I really LOVE the skirt!"  The pearls give this look the perfect touch of class.  Amazing what a string of pearls can do!
Why  We LoVe Kristalyn: She is really patient with customers and has a passion for working with missionaries and any women looking for modest clothes.  Kristalyn has an infectious smile and anyone around her can feel her love for them.  Come get outfitted by her weeknights and Saturdays only at Sister Missionary Mall!

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