Friday, February 25, 2011

The Jody

Meet Cass.  She is one of my good friends.  Cass is cute, and stylist and fun, and I continually look to her as an example in life and fashion.  Cass and I met shortly after she got off her mission.  Soon after we had our first of many conversations about "The Jody" and we both agreed that it is an essential part of a mission wardrobe but may not be something a girl would choose to wear regularly.  Cass says in her mission in Brazil "The Jody" was a prized possession, and that in the end she had managed to collect seven Jody' (one for each day of the week!).  She is also the reason that if you come into our store and mention that you are going on a mission similar to Cass's I as a sales person INSIST that you take at least one Jody.  The truth of the matter is that this dress is super versatile.  It washes up nice, even if you are had washing. It's cool in hot humid conditions.  It folds up small, is wrinkle resistant, it can be dressed up or down, can be worn with a cardigan, necklace, blazer, or if you have to tract on a hot day you can throw it on without a camisole.  What could be better right?  Honestly for a missionary there is not a more durable, versatile, dress.  And at Sister Missionary Mall we are doing what we can to jazz up the Jody from shortening the length to adding ruffles, we've taken a mission essential and made it fashion forward, whether you are serving in Taiwan or primary!  For the largest selection of "The Jody" (including our special make solid colored dresses in lovely jewel tones and classic black) come see us at Sister Missionary Mall located at 210 East University Parkway!

Mention our blog and receive 20% off your own Jody! (Available only for in store sales, offer expires 3/4/11)

Here are a few more pictures of Cass, in Brazil this time!

We aren't lying when we say ALL of the sisters wear them!  

A special thanks to Cass for letting us use her cute face for our blog.  Love you girl!

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  1. I am an Elder and Cass has almost convinced me to buy a "Jody."