Friday, May 25, 2012

Tooele Teen Tossed out of School for Modesty...

In national news, a Tooele, UT teen was tossed out of school because her skirt was "1/2" too short" for the dress standard of the school.  As shocking as this is to everyone else in the country, to us in Utah, the theme is all too common.

Hemlines are a subject that has come up often in LDS circles.  It is so funny how things have changed over the years.  I was actually  looking at pictures of my Mom in the 60's and seeing her dress patterns that she sewed dresses from in High School and was shocked to see many sleeveless and shorter skirts that would not have been acceptable in the current culture of modesty.

So, as this has been niggling at me for a while because I really think that modesty is more than just hemlines and necklines.  So, this post is basically about modesty.  We have built a business on modesty, so it is important.  However, I have often had to contend with customers that come in and say "that is too bright" or "that is too fashionable for missionaries."  We disagree.  Missionaries can be fashionable, and colorful--and still be modest.  This brings up the question, "what is modesty?"

I could quote LDS church leaders, and pamphlets all day long about how important modesty is etc, but I have to say that at the end of the day it is more than just the length of your skirt or how high the neck of your blouse goes.  It is also your intent in wearing what you are wearing.

If you mean to call inappropriate attention to yourself, then you are not modest.  If you hope to excite the men around you by what you are wearing, then you are being immodest.  If you are trying to make an inappropriate statement about your morals or standards by what you are wearing, or trying to "walk the line" then you are simply not modest.

Just being covered isn't enough.
That is the main reason people often try to spell out specifically what modesty is and isn't because it is harder to explain intent than to just say "a skirt that is no more than 2" above the knee."  For this reason, the explanation of what modesty truly is becomes reduced to how little someone is wearing--but it has everything to do with why you are wearing what you are wearing as well.

I would even go so far to say that often something that is immodest on one person is not immodest on another.  For example, women with very curvaceous figures often look more provocative in an article of clothing than another would because the clothing--while the right length--fits differently on one person or another.  I have even heard it explained that so long as you are covered, you are modest.  To that, I also disagree.  Just because you are covered does not make something modest. If it is too tight, or  sheer you are still not modest.

When making fashion decisions, I follow the rule of thumb that is "if you wonder, don't wear it."  If there is question in your own mind about the appropriateness of something, then just steer clear of it.  For you, you are probably right.

This always brings to mind the scripture in Mosiah 4:29-30  (yes, I'm taking some liberties in the language, so please see the original text...)

"...I cannot tell you all the things whereby you may [dress immodestly]; for there are divers ways and means, and even so many that I cannot number them...but this much I can tell you, that if ye do not watch yourselves, and your thoughts [and intent], and your words, and [how you dress and act], and observe the commandments of must perish.  And now, O [daughters of God] remember and perish not..."  

There really is so much discussion we could have about modesty--but at the end of the day what you wear says so much about who you are that it merits some thought!

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  1. " It is also your intent in wearing what you are wearing." Thanks for the post. Modesty is as modesty does--corney, but true :)

    --Andrea, Legacy Design Studio

    1. Thank you, Andrea for your great words! Sometimes the things said best are said in the simplest of terms!