Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Altered Consciousness"

So, with the title of this blog, you might think I'm talking about substance abuse--on the contrary! Today we are talking about alterations!  

When we talk about alterations, we are talking about changing a ready made garment to fit your body more specifically.  Most off the rack garments (meaning things you buy everyday in a store) are made according to the metric or measure of whatever the designer determined was the best body shape and measurements.  We don't often think about altering garments to fit these days because of the glut of knit fabrics and items we wear these days.

However, the truth is that we are all different and have our quirks, lumps, and bumps.  So, if you go into a shop and something doesn't quite fit you right, but you are crazy about it--then consider getting it altered!

It sounds like a labor intensive process, but it is really simple.
Some alterations you can even do yourself if you sew, so long as you have a friend to help you mark the garment for alteration or a similar piece of clothing to use as a reference.

Here are the tools you will need:
1.  A good pair of scissors (preferably sharp, and not used to cut paper)
2.  A sewing measuring tape
3.  Pins--and a pincushion really helps
4.  Measuring chalk, dressmaker chalk, tailor's chalk or something of that ilk

All of these tools are found at your local fabric store, or Walmart.  There are even many grocery stores that carry these items, so they are very affordable.  Many of them are even in basic sewing kits.

There are 3 basic types of easy alterations that can have a dramatic effect on how a garment fits you.  These are the ones you could probably do yourself, or are inexpensive to have done.

1.  Lengthening and shortening hems and/or sleeves
2.  Taking in or letting out the sides of a top or bottom
3.  Removing or adding embellishment on a garment

As a missionary, these alterations will make sure that your clothing fits you well, and helps you to look polished.  If your clothing doesn't fit you well, it will not only change how you feel about what you are wearing, it will change how you are perceived in what you are wearing.  So, fit does matter.

We are so accustomed to not thinking about how a garment can be altered, that we just suffer with poorly fitting, off the rack clothing.  So, next time you are in a shop, and you just love a blouse--but it needs a little tweaking--think of your local alterations shop and don't be scared to invest in something you are going to love!

We have a full service alterations shop at our store, and turn around times are very fast.  Basic sleeve shortening and hemming is always free.  Other alterations we offer for a minimal charge.  
Come see what a difference fit makes!

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