Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flats much?

So, we have a quite a few things to thank Aubrey Hepburn for...skinny jeans, the pixie haircut, and finally, Ballet Flats.
Since the skinny jean resurfaced a few years ago, we have all turned our attention to ballet flats (known as "skimmers" in shoe talk).

For the most part, we have left behind the chunky heeled shoes we had been wearing a few years ago.

This is a great swing of the mighty fashion pendulum from one extreme to the other, and usually isn't a huge deal--unless you are a missionary!

These skimmers are darling, and let's face it! We love to wear them! There really is little to them, and they usually come with a great price so we can have several pairs that we can use to accessorize and add color to our outfits.

So why, then, are they the absolute worst shoes for a missionary? 

That discussion is easy. However, first of all, let's talk about what missionaries are doing on their feet.

If they are proselyting, then they are at one time or another knocking on doors and contacting people in the street.

If they are serving somewhere foreign, chances are they walk everywhere.

If they are serving domestically, then even if they have a car, their miles are limited and they still walk quite a bit.

If they are serving in a visitor's center, then they are giving tours or standing on their feet carrying out their duties.

If they are super effective missionaries and have help from their recent baptisms and supportive ward members, then they are following up on referrals--and still on their feet more than the average woman.

Missionary service is time served on your feet.  Even when you are doing weekly service, you are usually on your feet.  If you are on your feet so much as a missionary, then you should have supportive shoes that will make your feet feel great.

 Think for a moment about other professionals that spend a lot of time on their feet.
This includes dental assistants, nurses, hairdressers, chefs, and even moms. How many of them (think of the practical ones) do you see wearing little ballet flat skimmers? That's right. Go to any hospital, salon, or restaurant, and chances are you will either see them wearing super ugly orthopedic shoes, tennis shoes (which usually have great support), some form of crocs, or a great supportive clog of some sort.

For this reason, even though we LOVE ballet flats and shoes of their ilk, we encourage young women in the mission field to have shoes with real support. Take the time to make sure you understand the technology behind the shoes you are buying, and be willing to invest in a shoe that will make the difference for your foot health. Your feet--and actually your hips and lower back too--will thank you!

We just got in a new shipment of our latest and favorite Dansko--the Dansko Abby! This shoe has much of the same DNA as the professional clog in the stapled collection, but includes much of the "pretty" that we love about feminine ballet flats.
Serving soon? Come in today and be professionally fit by our specially trained staff. This and other styles are waiting for you to see the difference a good shoe can make.

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