Friday, September 16, 2011

The Van Heusen Challenge

At Sister Missionary Mall we have a staff of amazing sales associates.  Our girls are beautiful, kind, compassionate, spunky, savvy, passionate woman who are not only great to work with but are also very fashion forward! These women are the leading experts in making modesty look amazing.   One of our favorite blouses at Sister Missionary Mall is our Van Heusen wrinkle free blouse!  This basic blouse should be a staple in any woman's wardrobe. Not only is it beautifully tailored and sold in a variety of colors it is also extremely easy to own!  It requires little to no ironing and is very durable.  Unlike other wrinkle free button up blouses that you may find in local department stores ours is reasonably priced at $29.99 and we do FREE alterations!  Over the next week and a half we will be show casing all of the creative ways that our employee's have found to wear this great basic.  Here are our first few photo's and examples to get us started, as well as brief introductions to our fabulous staff!

Meet Kirstin and Amanda!  Kirstin served her mission in Tacoma Washington and has been home for about 6 months.  We love her smile and how sweet she is.  Our employee's love working with Kirstin because she is so kind and nice!  Our customers say the same and we are constantly hearing great things about Kirstin from anyone she comes in contact with. Most of our mannequins in the store are dressed by Kirstin because we love her sense of color and style. To the right we have Amanda served in London England.  Amanda is new to our team and we love her creative take on layering, willingness to help customers look for the perfect item, and the way she pulls off hats!  Amanda is also engaged to be married next month and is pretty excited about her upcoming wedding.   Both are as nice as they are beautiful.  They always make our clothing look great!
Next we have Christin our store manager.  She served her mission in Nauvoo and has been home for almost 5 years (eek!).  She loves cardigans, and skirts and started working for us the first time six weeks after returning from her mission.  In fact she says of her first day with us "I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I got to work the first day and got to put a mission skirt back on and talk about my mission all day long!"   Christin used the basic white blouse as a layering piece to add a little extra polish to her jumper and cardigan combo.

Kirstin added fun accessories like a bold red belt and colorful scarf to dress up her blouse.  This outfit is a great example of how dressing up the basic's can be easy and fashion forward way!
Amanda added layers to her blouse to give it a unique chic look.  She started with the tuxedo blouse, added a ruffle tank, a belt, and her own necklace to give the blouse a modern funky look. 

The Van Heusen challenge officially starts with our employee's next Monday.  We will be posting pictures of our employee's creative style and want you to vote on who's look you like best by commenting on our blog and Facebook post.  Everyone who comments will be put into a drawing for a $100 gift certificate at the end of the challenge.   Those who mentions that they read about the Van Heusen challenge on our blog or Facebook page will receive 25% off a Van Heusen blouse until the 24th of September.  Spread the word and come visit us for all of the fashion and fun at Sister Missionary Mall located at 210 E. University Parkway in Orem!

So who wore it best?  Kirstin, Christin or Amanda?  Vote by commenting!


  1. Kristin I think wore it best! I love her blending of colors!

  2. Kirstin wore it best! She is super friendly and a great person to talk to!

  3. I agree that Kristin wore it best....although all the other outfits were very cute as well. Love the scarf and the belt!

  4. I think that Amanda wore it best!! :) This picture does not do her outfit justice. Plus, she is wearing a super awesome necklace, that she made herself!

  5. Kirstin for sure!! I love it with the belt and especially the scarf!

  6. Van Heusen for Women is a classic one. O love to see all women in such apparel.