Thursday, September 22, 2011

Van Heusen Challenge: Day 3

Today we have Amanda, Christin, Kirstin and McKenna rockin' our awesome Van Heusen blouse!  Remember to vote for your favorite look below!
Amanda kept her blouse unbuttoned to show off her adorable polka dot blouse underneath (we love polka dots) and pulled it all together with a darling belt.  Doesn't she look hip?
Christin added her own personal touches to this classic blouse and vest combo by adding a pearl necklace and red belt! 
Kirstin added a bold belt on her hip and a swing cardigan to give this classic blouse an updated look.
McKenna took two basic's and made them classic.  Combining a blazer to her Van Heusen blouse.

We know it's rough (because our sales staff is so creative and fashionable) but vote for your favorite look by commenting below!  Who wore it best, Amanda, Christin, Kirstin or McKenna?


  1. I love Amanda's! The polka dot shirt is a great accent.

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  3. I agree. I like how Amanda's shows that it can be a great main piece of the outfit.

  4. Kirstin is rocking that blouse with the cardigan. Love it!