Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Van Heusen Challenge: Day 4

Today we have Lizzie, Ashley, Amanda and Kirstin.  We'll start with Lizzie's introduction and go from there!

Lizzie served in the London South Mission and has been home since Christmas of last year.  She's been working for us since the spring and recently she married one of our employee's from the Men's store (we love when our employee's marry!), which is why she has been a bit MIA in the Van Heusen Challenge post.  We love Lizzie's bright shining smile, eyes, and personality.  Lizzie loves bright beautiful colors and funky patterns and loves helping women look beautiful in modest clothing.
For this look Lizzie simply used purple BOWS!  She took a lovely purple ribbon, tied it around her neck.  She also replaced the laces in her Dansko's with the purple ribbon for a dramatic look (not quite captured here).
Doesn't Ashley look smart?!  This look is perfect for the college girl on the go!  The August Silk vest adds a touch of class, the skinny belt accentuates Ashley's skinny waist, and the beaded necklace adds another dimension of color!  Love it!
Amanda added her signature layers to make this look a hit! 
Kirstin went for layers with this look as well!  And what we love most is that EVERYTHING she is wearing comes from Sister Missionary Mall right down to the belt!

So who wore it best?  Lizzie, Ashley, Amanda or Kirstin?  Vote to win!

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