Friday, September 7, 2012

The Swing of the Pendulum

Fashion is a constantly swinging pendulum.  

Often we even allow it's swinging to torture us.

Let me explain.

Designers seem to go from one extreme to the other, in order to levy the most shock value.  Often, the trends are ridiculous, and most people can't pull them off, but yet when that is all there is to be had in stores, we find ourselves wooed and convinced that what we are wearing looks nice.  It really is a pendulum that swings from one extreme to another.

The nice trends are the ones that come in between.  

These are the trends that most of us find we can wear, and that are the constant basics of our lives.  The good news is that while the pendulum has been in flux over the past few years of "anything goes" the runways are now touting more of the "moderate" styles!  We are catching that silly pendulum midstream, and we at SisterMissionaryMall, love it!

Exhibit A--the Micromini
To illustrate this, I call your attention to exhibit A--the micro mini.  Was this ever a good idea?
Obviously, the designer who came up with this one really hates women.  Either that, or the designer was a tiny Asian woman who loves her thighs.

Exhibit B--The Maxi
Soon after this tiny skirt length swam its way off the tennis court and into the fashion current, it was swallowed up by a bigger trend that is still current among the masses.  That is the Maxi length!  Take a look at exhibit B--the maxi.  But please focus on the hemline, not the neckline.  We won't go there in our discussion yet, so save that for yet another day.  (Apparently in fashion math you can add to the bottom but only if you subtract from the me old fashioned, but I like it when people talk to my face--not my chest...)

The "maxi" as it is currently known is not a new thing.  As a matter of fact, this was the only skirt length, or acceptable clothing for women in the modern world for as far back as anyone can remember.  Everything you could wear as an adult woman was a "maxi" up until about the 1920's.  It just became cool again in the 1970's.

So, here comes the good news.  Are you sitting down?  Okay, remember the wonderful "knee-length" and "tea-length" dresses and skirts we wore two decades ago--and then two decades before that?  Well, they are really back!  On the runways this fall, expect to see some of the skirt lengths that you could even wear to church and not feel guilty!  They are not only SisterMissionary worthy, they are once again fashionable!  You don't have to push the envelope, and wear a skirt that may or may not cover you when you sit down!  You can wear a sensible, comfortable skirt of a reasonable length, and not be over 65!  (no offense to the active grannies that are out there these days!)

Here are some of the fun things we have seen on the runway for this fall, and in designer lines coming up for spring.  Don't be too surprised if some of these fashions "inspire" more affordable versions in our store over the coming months!

This darling beauty is not only long enough, it has a great neckline, appropriate sleeves for real people, and actually sits on the natural waist.  Wear this and you are unmistakably a woman!  Hooray for that!  We do need to get this poor gal a slip, though.

This little black and cream beauty features some beautiful border detail that really makes the dress. I just was in awe of the fact that the ballet neckline on this dress is actually do-able for the average gal!  I wish I knew what to call this lacy detail.  It's almost a cutout, applique.  At any rate, does it matter?  The sleeve is amazing. I can even envision this one with a 3/4 sleeve without losing any of its beauty.

Why is this gal looking so glum?  Because her skirt covers her bum?  Maybe it is because she is now taking her life seriously, and her clothes reflect that she is a respectable gal.  Grandma would be so proud!  The style of this dress really is so 1930's, and we love it.  The print is a fun retro floral too.  Classy.  Now if we can just get her to smile a little...and maybe put on some red shoes?

A vision in green!  This isn't a yellow green, or a sage green.  This is just pure, good old green--almost a kelly, and maybe a little jaded.  The length on this skirt is perfect, and there is enough fullness that she won't get caught showing off anything she doesn't want to.   Furthermore, the genius that put pockets in this posh frock really outdid themselves.   Pockets in a skirt are often a thing of the past.  We love the swing of this pendulum...even if we have caught it midstream.  Of course, we must mention that this gal is eyeing your sandwich, and she is hungry!

The last new look that caught our eye was the flowing, feminine silk chiffon of this dress.  Although I wish were completely lined (and you could do that without losing the charm) this dress is still so classic.   These lines are so flattering on almost anyone.  You don't need to rely on a super curvy form to pull off this look.  You just need to be you.  From the self belt, to covered buttons, this dress was made for a stylish woman.  The hemline on this dress is perfect.  Not too short, not too long.  Just perfect.  (unlike those three sentence fragments that my junior high English teacher would find anything but perfect...along with my prolific use of ellipses...but I digress...)  Redheads everywhere are rejoicing that "rust" has finally come back into the limelight.

So, back to our little pendulum--swinging from one extreme to the other.  Well, I guess that right now we are "mid-swing" and there are great things coming around that are the right length for us "real gals."  So, take advantage of this opportunity to update your style a little and go for the classy.

As always, we stock current colors--in your size--in a variety of styles of great skirts and dresses to fit your individual taste.  We hem to suit, and are ready and willing to outfit you for your mission--or even update your "Sunday Best" with a new skirt or blouse.  Come in and see us today!

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  1. I noticed you mentioned the Maxi in this post, I am planning on starting my mission papers soon but wanted to see what I needed to buy so it doesnt all hit at once for a big check out. I have heard that Maxis arent allowed on sister missionaries. is this true? over half my skirts are maxi length!