Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Feeling Great to Be Girlie!

Gunne Sax dresses were all the rage.
It was cool to be pretty.
In the 90's a funny thing happened.  The whole grunge movement reared is unkempt head and drove fashion to develop some bad, unfeminine habits.  Basically, the 80's were a decade that championed what it meant to be a girl.  We primped and painted ourselves up and dressed in lace and puffy "Anne of Green Gables" sleeves.  We wore pearls around our necks, and our waistbands around our waists.  It was a lovely time.  We didn't have to fight with the image of strung out, skinny girls with flat tummies and ample bosoms.  It was a time where we could be comfortable, but beautiful and girlie.

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love
The nineties lowered waistbands, in keeping with the grunge movement of fashion that looked like it was salvaged from a dumpster.  We lowered the rise on our pants as women, making our body shapes look more like men and trying to streamline our torsos.  We wore ugly, worn out things and hoped we looked cool.

We didn't look cool. We just looked neglected.

In real life, the truth is that most women have a little belly because it is part of our anatomy and our heritage.  We are women who become mothers and nurturers, and it is a beautiful and divine thing.  Even looking back over the years, women constantly were worried about their waistlines, but accepted that by having a waistline you are curvy, feminine, and beautiful.

We like to look nice, and to feel beautiful.  It is time to embrace the feminine again--and to stop saying that it is for grandmas and old ladies.  The truth is, grandmas and old ladies never abandoned their femininity--and now it is time for us to embrace it too!

The good news is that Girlie is back.  

It is in fashion to be feminine again.  (Thank you Marc Jacobs, Mad Men, and Monique L'huilller to name a few...) We are finally moving away from the harsh, heroine addict fashion and austere, corporate man-like fashions.  What is on the horizon?  Here it is.  Actually, it has been coming on for at least 4-5 years now.  So, love it, and live it, and hope it doesn't go away again!

Beautiful curvy shapes with skirts that fall on the natural waistline, and fun retro prints (like polka-dots).

Floral prints are also back.  This includes even the typical "granny florals" of the past.

Feminine accessories, such as scarves and belts are back.  Belts are even worn on the actual waist, and jewelry is feminine and includes details like roses, cameos, pearls, and lockets.

Lace is not just for underwear or trim.  We are seeing many pieces made entirely of lace, such as t-shirts, dresses, skirts, even pants.

Pretty pastels are back too.  We are seeing peach, mauve, rose, baby blue, and even sage green.  All of them are back--and they brought their friend "cream" back too!

So, revel in being a girl.  Cherish being a woman.  Seek the soft and the beautiful--with just the slightest touch of sassy...Feel great to be a girl!

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